Descent Minis Update!!

It’s been a while and I have put painting most of them on hiatus but for now, I will update what I have.
All the hero characters with the inclusion of the Liutenant Ardus Ix’Erebus has been added to the descent NMM page on completed work. I have also added an additional page for all the monsters from descent. In the upcoming days I will continue to upload some work I’ve completed but not shared as well as some update to the page. see you in the next post 🙂


Descent characters part 1 NMM

I got my hands on the wonderful game Descent last autumn and though to myself: Damn they look boring in monotone resin so I thought I would start painting them and experiment a bit with techniques. First time I tried out the non metal metal technique and got really satisfied with it. here is the first batch of characters:

above: Tomble Burrowell

above: Leoric of the Book

above: Grisban the thirsty

All in all very detailed minis for being approximately 40mm and loved every second painting them. good game as well be sure to check it out and stay tuned for part 2.