Little shop.. Little shop of Haro

Last weekend marked the deadline for the Annual contest hosted by the admins over at ITSAGUNAAAAAAM!!!!!! on Facebook and once the votes were in I wound up in 1st place for my second time in the contest, go me! I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t have made it since I’ve been head over heels at painting minis for DnD games as well as another project I will discuss soon. Congrats to all of the other participants, seriously, this years entries had some crazy efforts put into them and I was almost doubting my skills for a bit. Seeing as the other contestants are now starting to share their progress videos and progress pics I thought I might do something similar. Here is how I made my Haro Mimic that I entered for my third year in the Annual ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM!!!!!! contest.



Concept and Sculpting

I started off back in march by doing some basic sketches of what I thought was possible to make. My goal for this build was to challenge and familiarize myself with sculpting. I have only ever sculpted something advanced before but looked forward to applying it to the newly released Haro model from Bandai. I made sure to order a couple extras in case I did something horribly wrong but once it arrived I started cutting out the shape of the mouth as well as hollowing out the interior with a power tool in order to make room for the greenstuff I used as sculpting material.

Insert Pacman noise

Once done I began with the general shapes and features such as lower gum of the mouth eyeballs and exposed muscles and mutation.

In order to smooth the transition between the plastic and putty I used a variations of tools such as silicon brushes dental tools and other, I continued adding details such as eyelids, more muscle mass and the full interior of the mouth.

Lastly I added the teeth and tongue which took me about 2 nights thanks to the greenstuff needing to cure. “Pro tip”, if you ever work with greenstuff on a stressed timeline. try looking into a greenstuff oven. Those things will more than half the greenstuff’s curing time.


Once everything had been sculpted and cured, I stared painting the interior with a dark fleshy, purple tone with several glazes of skin blended into the mix to highlight. As for the tongue I went with a more purple-isch than brown tone. once done I applied a super glossy glaze to give it a… moistened appearance. I later glued the two halves of the model together and filled any unwanted gaps that had appeared.

I gave the model a rusty undercoat using similar technique as in my salt & hairspray guide then I gave it the green base-coat starting from darkest bottom to the lightest top. The fleshy parts were glazed similarly to the inside of the mouth but given a bit of red shade just give it a more disgusting effect.

Somewhere along the line the base which was inspired by classical dark sci-fi corridors from games like dead space or the aliens movies.


By then I thought i was done with the build, but one question haunted me.. is this gross and disgusting enough?.. Colors, check.  Peel the paint to expose the rust, check. Use GW Shade to further wear it down, check. it needed something.. more…

Enter the slime, oh the slime. Its amazing what an effect you can get using UHU Glue, toothpicks and some gloss glaze medium. Grab the toothpick, dip it in the glue and poke it between the areas you want the string of slime to appear.

Et viola! that’s how it was done. Hope this helps anyone curious on some of the details in the build. Gallery will soon be updated with the Haro Mimic.

Take care!



2nd Place @ ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM Annual competition

Last saturday marked the end of ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM’s annual gunpla competition and through the conclusion of it, I landed on 2nd place (go me)!
My entry was the Mobile Golem Emeth, a steampunk take on the MS01 mobile worker and I must say it’s the heaviest custom MS I have ever done and the results makes me damn proud to look at.
I think I also learned a new trick for applying homemade weathering powder using water and making it into a type of mud(ish). I have uploaded a new page on my completed projects that covers the build and wip in more detail, check it out if you like. Thanks for reading 🙂

Making custom Necrons for my rpg

So thanks to a comment by Rob I decided to kind of make a how-to on the custom necrons I made for my rpg campain.
Though most of these pictures are taken somewhat haphazardly during my build, I hope they will still be of use.

(Excuse the mess) 1.Glue 2.Knife 3.Nipper 4.Hobby files 5.Sanding paper (of different grit) 6.Pin vice 7.Paper-clips 8.Silicone brushes 9.Epoxy putty 10.Modelling putty.

You will also need the something to snack and good background music (both are optional)
Also a box of necron Immortals/deathmarks is somwhat nessesary since that’s what I used as a base for the customs.

I will spitt the tutorial up in different body parts to make things easier to explain. but all stages require you to at least remove the nubmarks and moldlines.

Lets start with the head

Step one! apply a blob of epoxy putty to make the face look like a brick!
Once dried (aproximetly 24 hours), use your files to refine the shape of the head and to finnish, create a slit in the middle going down along the face.
broaden the slit with some files or knifes. I used a hobby saw since I was satisfied with the thickness of the track it created.

Next, assembly the the torso of the deathmark without adding the back part.

Instead cut of parts from the tesla guns (power tubes, caples and detail) and glue them in an orderly fashion in the back pocket.

Should look a bit like this once assembled, minus head and arms and stuff



Now shorten the shoulder guards and fill the gaps of the “ribcage” with epoxy putty.
File down any unevenness once dried and fix patches with modelling putty if you find any.

like that but with smoother surface.

Let’s do the legs now!
Start by removing the spine from the legs and replace it with a metal clip, the length will determine the height of the of the model, remeber to gif it a bit extra since you need some to pin the legs to the torso. Now! The texture I tried to replicate using Epoxy putty and silicone brushes was the type of protective cover some robots use to prevent decontamination in sterile areas so it was a matter of making the epoxy look like as baggy as possibe through poking and creating naturally wrinkles all over.

something like this.

Now remove the area around the supposed calf of the necron and do the same procedure as the spine. (I have no picture for this in WIP but should look like this once complete)

The Arms are a bit special since I probably put down most time here.
Once you have chosen a pair of arms that you think will suit your little monster, remove the area between the elbow and shoulder-joint and pin a paperclip in the angle you want the arm to bend. Proceed then to do the same thing you did, using epoxy on the spine and legs. Here comes the hardest part, depending on how advance you want to go. Carefully remove the hands from the weapon you have choosen and start to remove the excess material left in the hands such as the stock and trigger. If you haven’t, this is a great time to replace your blade with a new sharp one but be carefull with your fingers.
Okay! once that is done, fix the hands to the arms and then we can begin to assemble the full mini.  Pin the legs to the torso and glue head and arms to the body an a suiting fashion.
Your finnished result should look something like this:

Now get the crew together.

You may choose to paint your murder machines in whatever fashion you want but the blood splatter was achieved by watering down some red acryllics and after getting little dab of paint on the brush, flicking the bristles in order to create the wanted effect.

Now your group of psychopathic murder robots are complete. And so should your snacks. Now go and impress some of your friends, colleagues or rivals with a new army of stylish high-tech necrons OR! Realease you drone spamming murderbots on some unsuspecting fellow players during an campain in the dark, desolate undergrounds of an abandoned research facility.

Hope you have had fun with this kind of tutorial.  Thank you for reading.

1/144 Puchigguy Antique

My winning entry for ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM!!!!!!‘s annual modelling contest. The theme this year was “in rust we trust” which focused on corrosion, battle damage and other types of scaring.

I will soon post the wip of the build, stay tuned