Work Completed: | Custom Paint-job | Custom Detail | Scratch-build Detail | LED|
Original model: Gundam 1/144 Petitgguy Lightning Blue
Scale: 1/144


WIP Pictures:

My original idea started out quite different from what I finally ended up with, I started out sketching on the plastic to get an idea of how things would look. Imagine how it would look as a Chaos Space marine petitgguy.

After some mapping out and sketching, I started scribing lines with a small saw and adding additional detail to the model.


Once it was time for painting I decided to take a big leap of faith and try out a new technique which I had found some time before starting this project, the salt & hairspray technique. In the meantime I managed quite a few things at the same time. I used my access the the workshops at my university in order to solder together the LEDs needed to really make this model stand out from the rest. Around the same time I converted the base which came along the kit into something a bit more fitting for the rest of the model.