So I wanted to post some progress pics from my Petitgguy Antique, you know, thought it could be a good idea.

So the concept started actually before the competition when I went to america, saw one of these and though, damn, I want to try to custom one of those. Said and done I had two Ideas for the custom, one was a Chaos crossover (look up Warhammer 40,000) with daemonic possession as a theme, making it into a daemon engine for the chaos space marines. the other was the one I continued with, the Steampunk version. The reason for this was simply because t thought the steampunk made more sense to the competition then a creepy possessed mechanical demon-teddy.

I had some Idea about this but not so much sure on where to go after this. ANYWAY! After deciding on the steampunk I quickly got into work with the design of the model.

I decided to give the model some goggles as well as some rivets and rougher panel-lines to make it more unique and set it apart from other petitgguy custom builds. Somewhere along the process I also decided to include LEDs into the chest and just to spike up the coolness factor a bit more. Didn’t realize that it also gave the model a FNAF-feel as well.

I used the Hairspray and salt technique to create a realistic looking rust effect and settled on pastel palette of light blue and cream white in likeliness to the petitgguy’s original colors to add to the Victorian doll theme. The rest of the metal was mostly chosen out of a standard set of metals used in other steampunk creations such as Brass, iron and copper.

I used Major william’s tips as a huge inspiration on weathering the model using different washed from GW’s paint range to create a “runny” rust effect as well as some oozing from jointsin order to give it that edge of extra degradation and feel of neglected maintenance.

I also wasn’t fully satisfied with how the base looked and gave it an additional steampunk makeover in order to not just have my Petitgguy attached to a regular stand, the whole part ended up being like a small diorama  to set the model into an even clearer steampunk context. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted for basing with the cogs in the back of the model and a solid stone floor, kind of like a forgotten hidden dungeon or similar.

I had a blast making this model and took me well over 2 weeks in all to complete, which was just incidently was just before my school thesis work kicked in, Anyway! I hope you have enjoyed reading the process work I did on this model. Now go do some awesome building of your own. Have fun!