This is my custom scheme for my 1:100 scale EXF-10/32 Greifen from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms series. The main Idea behind the scheme was to go for something very industrial, like a construction machine but at the same time make it look old and weathered, like a relic from a by-gone era. I actually painted this-one 2 time since I messed up the weathering on my first try and then went ahead and stripped the whole model of paint using an alcoholic solvent (more of that another time), which led me to not touching the kit for quite some time. Enough with the talking, on with the first version!

So what went wrong? Well the weathering, to put it simply, I went overboard which resulted in a not so desirable effect (look at the thigh of the lowest right pic for reff and imagine it covering most of the model). I also wanted a more and rougher look to the model then I had achieved and seeing as I had failed weathering i one place I though I might as well redo the whole model.


Concept was the same but process, was different. After I was done with the salt & hairspray technique I realized I might have gone overboard with it a bit. But that was changed to make it seem even more ancient and forgotten and wasn’t a problem for long.

Some decaling, detailing and washing later I wound up with this as a finished result (insert sexy music).

And that was the whole process! In hindsight I may have overused some techniques like washes but all worked out well in the end. I was especially happy with the results of the decals and their weathering, a thing I have never tried before as well as the broken glass on the visor. Overall the Greifen is a sturdy and solid kit. Would definitely recommend it to anyone new to the frame arms series. Now, on to making a suitable base for the model to enhance the context!