Work complete: |Custom Paint-job | Weathering | Custom detail |
Original Model: Kotobukiya, Frame Arms, EXF-10/32 Greifen
Scale: 1/100

 Early Pictures & Progress:

This build is a custom color scheme for my Frame Arms Greifen where I wanted to create the feeling of a beaten and damaged look, like an old badass machine from a by-gone era. For this I saw a fitting inspiration from heavy duty machinery such as construction machines, bulldozers and excavators.

I actually painted the model twice since I messed up the weathering on my first try so I had to strip all the paint and start over again.


In short, what really messed up the model in the first place was the weathering. At the time I was extremely new to weathering and went completely overboard with a product by GW which led to an extremely undesired look, see the thigh on the lower right picture for reference on the atrocity I made. I have Improved quite a bit since then.


For my second try I went with a different approach, the salt and hairspray weathering technique which I had only done once so far on my Petitgguy Antique, so I thought why the hell not. Turns out the results payed off quite nicely.



Once I felt satisfied with the scraping I decided to add some decals and begin the washes that simulated dirt and filth.

With enough weathering and going back and forth with different washes I called it complete. Overall the Greifen is a sturdy and solid kit and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a heavier mech. The only thing I really miss now is a base to go along with the model.