Custom necrons for RPG

Just wanted to share my work on some custom necron immortals that I have plans to use in a campain of Mutant UA.

The finnished model differs somewhat from what I originally had in mind but these will probably look more menacing on the board with some dried blood splatter and wear.

My original thought was for them to be protcol and assistence droids at a research facility, but when things gone sideways they turned into drone-spamming killers.

C4 open modelling convent

So I visited my first modelling convent / contest this week and due to some family matters I wasn’t able to atend the contest. Though I was able to snag some pictures from, what I fond, was the more interesting contestants. Looking at my bank accout I might have overspent a tiny bit since I found paints and other stuff I wanted to try in order to improve in this hobby, such as hobby scriber and metal pigments.  Anyway, a great weekend has now come to pass and once again I have to go back to class. In the meantime, here’s some pictures of the con and my loot pile 🙂


and now for the rest of the pictures

Damn that’s a lot of stuff, so many talents from all around the country and I now that I know what I’m up against I can’t wait until next year so I can participate.

Alright. see ya in my next update


Hi and welcome to my site, I hope you will like it here.
first some introductions perhaps? Who am I? My name is Gustaf, I’m 21 years old and from Sweden. I have a hobby and a passion for painting miniatures and models of different kind an I have been doing so for about 13 years now.

The purpose of this Blog is for me to have somewhere to post my creations and share whatever tips & tricks and Ideas I have learned during my time as modeler. I am currently studying to a bachelors degree in interaction design as well, so there might even be some half-assed drawings sometimes as well. Oh right! modelling. I have most knowledge in hand-painting which comes from my many years of warhammer painting but over the last years I have gotten more and more into gunpla scale models. Lastly I hope to use this page to push and improve my techniques and I thank you all for taking your time to scrolling through the page. I will soon start posting some of my completed works to start showing off.
Have a great one.
// GLA