2nd Place @ ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM Annual competition

Last saturday marked the end of ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM’s annual gunpla competition and through the conclusion of it, I landed on 2nd place (go me)!
My entry was the Mobile Golem Emeth, a steampunk take on the MS01 mobile worker and I must say it’s the heaviest custom MS I have ever done and the results makes me damn proud to look at.
I think I also learned a new trick for applying homemade weathering powder using water and making it into a type of mud(ish). I have uploaded a new page on my completed projects that covers the build and wip in more detail, check it out if you like. Thanks for reading 🙂


1/144 Puchigguy Antique

My winning entry for ITSAGUNDAAAAAAM!!!!!!‘s annual modelling contest. The theme this year was “in rust we trust” which focused on corrosion, battle damage and other types of scaring.

I will soon post the wip of the build, stay tuned

Gundam 1/144 jahannam

Really like the design of this one, love at first sight even though I wasn’t a particular fan of the show. Painted it for IT’S A GUNDAAAAAAM!!!!!!’s annual contest 2014 (Great fb group btw). this was my first time entering a modelling contest which to be fair went as expected. It was also the first time I tried doing some light battle damage to a model. The rusting effect is achieved using a sponge with little amount of paint and dabbing it against some of the areas where wear and tear would likely be achieved.  IMG_20150505_135305IMG_20150505_135807IMG_20150505_135845IMG_20150505_135955