Greetings and Salutation!
My name is Gustaf and I am a miniature hobby enthusiast from the slightly colds of Sweden. Around a decade ago I got my hands on my first model kit and since then it has been my ever growing passion to build, create and paint models of different kinds.

I created this website in order to become a better hobbyist through posting current things I am working on and sharing some of the tips & ideas that I’ve accumulated over the years with the hobby.

Most of my knowledge stems from my early years of rigorous painting of Warhammer miniatures and its where most of my comfort sits. Though during the last couple of years I’ve felt the need to improve myself in regards to everything about this hobby of mine. Be it painting, sculpting or just general compostion. So that’s where I am today.

I try to keep the site to a prime and update as often as I find possible. I am also available on a number of social medias or on my regular mail at

I hope you’ll have a great time here.
// G