somewhat realistic scratches

So summer is over huh? and it’s time for an update! Even though I have been slaving away my time trying to fix my bachelor’s degree I’ve had little time for actual modelling.

So this some of the stuff I have been working on during summer 2016.

First off we have an update on my descent models. All the player’s characters are completed as well as some of the monsters such as elementals and bargheists.

Other than that, I have been using a similar technique to my salt and hairspray rusting, this time with a metallic undercoat and only using hairspray in order to achieve more natural and fresh scratching effect. Need to add some additional weathering to it just for it to pop a bit more.

C4 open

Also for the coming fall I’m going to enter C4 Open, a national modelling contest in south Sweden. I don’t think I will be able to win anything but I’m curious to see where I stand in relation to other modelers from home. That’s all for this time, I will try to keep this site more updated once I get my Bachelor degree out of the way.

Cheers and see you around 😀