Hi and welcome to my site, I hope you will like it here.
first some introductions perhaps? Who am I? My name is Gustaf, I’m 21 years old and from Sweden. I have a hobby and a passion for painting miniatures and models of different kind an I have been doing so for about 13 years now.

The purpose of this Blog is for me to have somewhere to post my creations and share whatever tips & tricks and Ideas I have learned during my time as modeler. I am currently studying to a bachelors degree in interaction design as well, so there might even be some half-assed drawings sometimes as well. Oh right! modelling. I have most knowledge in hand-painting which comes from my many years of warhammer painting but over the last years I have gotten more and more into gunpla scale models. Lastly I hope to use this page to push and improve my techniques and I thank you all for taking your time to scrolling through the page. I will soon start posting some of my completed works to start showing off.
Have a great one.
// GLA


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