Dungeonquest Models


Took this week to re-paint this 6 resin characters from Dugeonquest (revised ed). Continued to try some non metallic metal practice which proved a substantial challenge on larger areas such as Hugo the glorious’ shield. here’s the results from a weeks progress of work:


As a reference, here are the illustrations of the characters that are on each respective character sheet.

(illustrations owned by Fantasy flight games)

for next time, I think I want to try showing how to make stone dungeon floor from greenstuff. Hope you guys like my painting.


Old Lucius

Was digging through my old warhammer transporting case and found my painted Lucius the eternal model. think it was painted about 4 years ago, around the time I just discovered washes. Anyhow just wanted to share him with you guys, would be fun to repaint him just to see how much I’ve improved 🙂

Hand painting Batman & the Joker

Something I found during my trip to the US. Made by Knight models and cost around 20$ each, totally worth it in my opinion though, imagine fielding one of these on as a substitute for a daemon prince or something 🙂 Anyhow here are the results of my work, tried some layering on both of them (not that visible on batman cause you know.. he wears all over black).


on a side note, I top-coated them in satin (semi gloss) which makes the models very shiny when taking pictures. I think I’m going to go with matt top-coat next time.

Descent characters part 1 NMM

I got my hands on the wonderful game Descent last autumn and though to myself: Damn they look boring in monotone resin so I thought I would start painting them and experiment a bit with techniques. First time I tried out the non metal metal technique and got really satisfied with it. here is the first batch of characters:

above: Tomble Burrowell

above: Leoric of the Book

above: Grisban the thirsty

All in all very detailed minis for being approximately 40mm and loved every second painting them. good game as well be sure to check it out and stay tuned for part 2.


Gundam 1/144 jahannam

Really like the design of this one, love at first sight even though I wasn’t a particular fan of the show. Painted it for IT’S A GUNDAAAAAAM!!!!!!’s annual contest 2014 (Great fb group btw). this was my first time entering a modelling contest which to be fair went as expected. It was also the first time I tried doing some light battle damage to a model. The rusting effect is achieved using a sponge with little amount of paint and dabbing it against some of the areas where wear and tear would likely be achieved.  IMG_20150505_135305IMG_20150505_135807IMG_20150505_135845IMG_20150505_135955



Hi and welcome to my site, I hope you will like it here.
first some introductions perhaps? Who am I? My name is Gustaf, I’m 21 years old and from Sweden. I have a hobby and a passion for painting miniatures and models of different kind an I have been doing so for about 13 years now.

The purpose of this Blog is for me to have somewhere to post my creations and share whatever tips & tricks and Ideas I have learned during my time as modeler. I am currently studying to a bachelors degree in interaction design as well, so there might even be some half-assed drawings sometimes as well. Oh right! modelling. I have most knowledge in hand-painting which comes from my many years of warhammer painting but over the last years I have gotten more and more into gunpla scale models. Lastly I hope to use this page to push and improve my techniques and I thank you all for taking your time to scrolling through the page. I will soon start posting some of my completed works to start showing off.
Have a great one.
// GLA